Golden Earring - Live at the Winterland (1975)

Your wishes are orders dear visitors. This great Live set (bootleg not official) has been asked for re-up, I do it. It's true among the hundreds of bands classified as hard rock, this one stands proudly as one of my faves. I'll re-up their Record Plant live session soon too. Meanwhile, catch this one here (with images below).

Here a testimony of what a great live band was Golden Earring in 1975, during its golden era, the one between Switch and To The Hilt. I can't explain why this is a music that talks to me so much for now more than 35 years. But if like me you love SAHB, I think you share my feeling cos' there are some common points musically. Not everything is perfect of course, there are some scories, quite usual in these times (these solos, these useless lenghts of some tracks) but the new songs (those from Switch) do not allow the band to such indulgence and therefore most of the set is stunning. Moreover, horns provide a welcome new power to the music, and it's a good thing Barry Hay quitted flute cos' it was really too much (and rather weakly) Jethro Tull like. Honestly, some songs here are much better than in studio (in particular "Vanilla Queen" and "Daddy's Gonna Save My Soul") whereas others are treated with respect and do not lose their studio strongness. Of course "Radar Love" became a little too much of a tour-de-force with timeless improvisations that are quite difficult to savour as we did at that times (notably the drum solo, but who ever did a good drum solo but BJ Wilson on earth?). I had quite a hard time to finally find this audio file. Since the concert has been filmed and can be watched almost everywhere, it seems nobody thought to post it in MP3. And that wolfgangsvault does not allow the dl of a lot of concerts really upset me. What the fuck? Sell them if you want, but let us dl it for hell's sake. It must be noticed that the sound is perfect, not far from an official LP one (not exactly of course). I conceived a new cover sleeve with a picture from the concert on the front side, and a shot from a TV show at the same period on the back side. Not my best cover sleeve but that's all I found. I post the videos (in the order of the setlist) from this concert below so you can watch listening and then listen wherever you want without the audio file.


Anonymous said...

no mp3 file on mf anymore.... can your reload maybe on rs which seems to be more tolerant these days? I am a big lover of the Switch album and would love hear them live...

dkelvin said...

Just back from some days off. I reupload it tonight.

Michael Brenegan said...

Can you please reup this one?

kingpossum said...

Great to see these two here. I'm a fan of this phase and all phases of GE. And they're still making great music--Paradise in Distress (1999) and Millbrook USA (2003) two of their strongest straight ahead rock albums. Their latest, Tits 'n Ass (2012) is right in line with those two.

I was fortunate enough to see them here in the U.S. in 1977. Brilliant show, when Eelco Gelling was aboard on guitar.

Thank you for the posts.

dkelvin said...

OK with you for Millbrook but not Tits and Asses (what a stupid title) that is (to my ears) awful mainstream FM Rock.
I saw them in .... 1972, opening for the Who, with the most monstruous bass solo I even (and hell) heard in my life. I was a kid and this band was to stay a long time in my fave (we were not many outside of NL). But after 79, they quite turned bad for me. Anyway, a great band.

kingpossum said...


Yes I was being too kind to T&A. Dreadful title, and the music is not nearly as memorable as Millbrook. Agree their 80s stuff after No Promises-No Debts was forgettable. "Liquid Soul" from the Face It album (1994) I like. But it wasn't until Paradise In Distress I thought they found their strength again.