Grandfather Clock - Tarot (2010)

Sorry for those coming here for old 70's stuff, but for the 3rd consecutive posts, it's a new music post, and believe me, tonight it's really something. Imagine a mix between Harvey Milk and Shorty (or US Maple) played with the madness of Captain Beefheart (you see there's something of 70's old stuff) and you'll have a small idea of what music proposes this Chicago-based band called Grandfather Clock (quite a shitty name if you want my opinion). It's one of the most exciting thing I listened for quite a time, notably "Cornstalks in Rows" which is nothing less than a classic. This seems their first release, an EP, and you can listen it either on their bandcamp below, in dl it here for taste or on their bandcamp here and support them in buying a cassette (I still got the device to read it, don't know if you have?). A great new band for sure (and I listen to much of the new stuff with OMG so much rubbish or recycled old formula). PS It seems that they are 3 brothers. Rather uncommon.

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