Imber Luminis - A Cold Distance (2011)

The first demo Deha released under the name of Imber Luminis (Fletus, see here) has been one of the soundtrack of my life at various periods in the last 6 months. Don't ask me why I love so much this music. It's rather simple and repetitive, but its hypnotic power and its ability to make the world disappears around you has no equivalent for me. Here is a compilation of tracks he recorded over a span of time of 3 years, "Same Old Sufferings" in 2008, "Dancing with Stars" and "Silence" this year, the whole under the name of A Cold Distance and released this summer. If it's not as fascinating than Fletus, in particular the rather over-indulgent acoustic first track, "Silence" is quite similar and should be a nice viatic for similar trips the further months. But more to come since this great guy from Belgium (see his blog here for all his other projects) released a full LP (Life As Burden) under this band's name that I'll post soon too. Enjoy this first melancholic serving here.

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Anonymous said...

Listening to this really forgot the world around me..