Jethro Tull - Inside / Alive And Well And Living In (1970)

In 1970, Ian Anderson explained in the press that he didn't want the Tull being a singles band although he really succeeded to propulse them in the charts quite continuously over the previous years. So, the single driven from their new LP Benefit, released in April 1970, consisted only in 2 of the album songs and not of non-LP ones as before. Maybe I should not post them since they can be found on the original albums and therefore are not forgotten, but actually this single is forgotten. First because it's clear than none of the tracks had chart potential and second because it failed to make any impact although the LP was a chart success. So the Tull was becoming for the rest of its career a LP band. These 2 songs are not bad (the B-side is even rather a great song, musically) but they pale by comparison of the previous singles. Enjoy it here. I put the 3 cover sleeves. None is good but it's an historical curiosity.

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