Lifelover - Pulver (2006)

This album is incredible. I discovered it not long ago and was petrified by what I was hearing, not a usual thing after more than 40 years listening to music (I began quite young yes, I was a little kid, don't be upsetting). This band, at least in this formation (cos' they changed of line-up since this 1st LP), was for me like the resurrection of Amon Düül II (from Yeti to Wolf City period), sometimes mixed with Can but also Cure (the Pornography's one) and even Paradise Lost (the Gothic's one) but surely some more I know less accurately (maybe Death in June). If you want to know what is freedom in music, listen to this album (and to some others too, like Runhild Gammelsaeter for example). Since lyrics are sung and written in Sweden (the band is from Sweden), I can't understand what they sing about (but one track have been translated by a nice guy posting on youtube, you can see it below) but this is not a problem for understanding that this LP is great. You won't rarely listen to something more intriguing in your life. Lifelover has changed its style since this first LP and I can't say for the better, but they honoured themselves in giving us a cult LP and there are not so many to have succeeded in that. Actually, I discovered this album searching for pix to post on my other blog, Scoptophilia (here). I'm not sure this naked young woman covered of blood is really tasty and if it's not a little bit sexist, but I like it cos' it's, like the album, totally elsewhere visually. Amateur, pleasant and a little bit unsane. As is unsane the gun's shots on the second track "Ms Salmonella" and the shouting and crying aloud, when you remember the recent slaughter in Norway. Click quick to dl this gem here. And I encourage to do it to all visitors, even those coming only for old 70's stuff.

Empty gazes, emptied senses The subway is driving through the black city's Gloomy passages Everything has such a melancholia lustre tonight Everything and nothing is in disharmony; Is it beautiful or disgusting?


Yogen said...

Great album, great band, too bad that "B" died.

Some guy translated 3 Lifelover albums on lastfm

Anonymous said...

could you re-up this album? Curious how it sounds. Thanks!