Preacher - Reborn Refined (2010)

Usually, I don't really like to post one-track free downloading EPs since it's not a major added value to post here something that can be found freely on the artist site (and one track in not enough). But in this case, I find this track so great that I can't help to post it. Even if it's one year old. The band is called Preacher, they are from Washington, this is their second release and they play a gorgeous post-metal sludge with superb stoner riffs. But more than that, they integrate a psychedelic flavour with indian reminiscences that make you levitate without any added substance. And they know how make of their melodic lines something more elegant than most of their challengers in this style. The final of this track is really something you can't miss if you like music. Enjoy here or go to dl it free on their bandcamp there (or below). Great cover sleeve too but didn' find it without the deformation.

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