Slade - How Does It Feel / So Far So Good (1975)

Maybe some of you (yes, I know you exist, I saw the rs, mf and shiny stats, and they tell me you exist, I don't dl my own shit) will wonder if I'm gone insane posting Slade on this music blog often dedicated to morbid and macabre music (not always but most of the time yes). But actually, if Slade was not among my fave during the glam movement (I was a kid but I had my taste and they inclined me towards Mott, SAHB, Cockney Rebel and Sparks than Slade or Gary Glitter), it was not a bad band. They were just lacking ambition, judging by the relative richness of their 2 first albums and the indulgence they showed later on. An exception, and a big one, with this song, from their Slade In Flame album, released in February 1975 on the A-side of a single, and completely different from their usual quite shouty Rock 'n' Glitter style. Very influenced by the Beatles (but the band has always been), you can hear the future Undertones here, and even Polyphonic Spree (I'm not joking, have a listen) and Noddy Holder sings it divinely. It's stunning and a shame that the album was not filled with such an approach of music (even if it's one of the most sophisticated of their glam period). The B-side is business as usual (and not rare since on the LP) but also totally under the Beatles' influence so rather good. Don't stay stuck on your a-priori and catch this gem here.

How does it feel runnin' around round round how does it feel watchin' from upside down 'cos many years from now there will be new sensations and new temptations How does it feel How does it feel right at the start and how does it feel when you are thrown apart 'cos many years from now there will be new relations and new frustrations How does it feel? Oh! Oh! Do you know know know what it's like to be searchin' in your own time all your attempting experimenting all on the climb do you know know know what it's like to be searchin' and suddenly find all your illusion, all your confusion all left behind How does it feel turnin' away and how does it feel facing another day 'cos many years from now there will be newer poisons and new horizons 'cos many years from now there will be new tomorrows and still some sorrows


Anonymous said...

The links of slade are not working,can you do something abouth it?

Rod said...

All your old Slade links on Mediafire are dead. But for anyone who wants to get hold of them, there is now a 2-CD collection of all Slade's B-sides available.