St... - Part of the Union / Will You Go 7" (1973)

Here is an example of a break in the charts leading to a break of a band. This single, the less forgotten song of the band since it's their greatest success, should have not been released under the band's name but under the name of The Brothers. Written and sung by Hudson & Ford, it was not really the choice of Dave Cousins to see it released under the band's name and less of it all, to be the A-side of the single announcing their new album (Bursting At The Seams). But the company thought (and they were right) that it could be a hit. So they released it in January 1973. And it was (n°2 behind Slade). Actually, the song is quite embarrassing cos' it smells bad irony and despise for union workers. When you think about the future criminal politics that the iron lady would do against the working class some years later, it seems it was rather a bad joke. This is all the more concerning that the song is actually a concealed cover of a Woody Guthrie song called "Union Maid" (see and listen below to a strange live offering of this song with an Austrian audience totally indifferent, it's amazing). On the B-side, there was a non-LP song, "Will You Go", also a cover since it was composed by the McPeake family. The song, sung by Dave Cousins, is a nice one, and should have replaced "Part of the Union" on the LP. Anyway, the success of this single will throw Dave Cousins in a strange situation, seeing Strawbs being superstars for a song he didn't write, he didn't sing, and he didn't consider to be a Strawbs one. If he seemed to find the story quite funny first (see their appearance at TOTP below), soon he will be tired of this circus. Meanwhile, enjoy this couple (mainly the B-side) here. Below, you can see a limited edition US 10" cover that hire the song to a more respectful object towards the working class.

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