Status Quo - Gerdundula EP (1970-75)

Nobody really asked me to re-up this one but me. I truly love this song although Status Quo isn't totally my personal taste (I dig Dog of Two Head and Piledriver but after that for me it was over). The Irish flavor of this song is surely involved in my adoration. I gave below the details about the song. Catch the triad here.

Tonight I sacrifice to a guilty pleasure. Not really guilty since this song is a true masterpiece, but cos' it's true that to appreciate Status Quo is sometimes considered by narrow-minded serious rock amateurs as totally silly and the sign that we have shitty tastes. Don't care (after Shocking Blue and Barry Ryan, I don't fear anything). I've always loved this song, not really the usual style of the band, much more folk-oriented, with an eastern flavour that makes it a one-shot but one of their most time enduring tour-de-force. Of course, with Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime", Tyrannosaurus Rex's "Ride A White Swan" and Slade's "Cuz I Luv You", this style was not unfashioned at the times, but here, it's much better. A classic and quite a virtuosity challenge for a band usually considered as poor gifted musicians by those who think that you have to play boring complicated music to be a good one. I decided to post a fake single cos' this song has actually had a very complicated release story. First, it was issued in a rude version on the B-side of" In My Chair" in 1970. Then it was reworked quite completely and included on the Dog Of Two Head LP the next year. This is the version I cherish. Two years later, Pye records speculated on the band's success (on another label) and released the song on the A-side of a single (with "Lakky Lady" on the B-side) but it failed to chart. There was even another release in various countries with "nanana" (what a song's title) on B-side. Two years later, in 1975, they backed their "Roll Over Lay Down" new hit with some live tracks, and among the 2, there was a stunning version of "Gurdundula". Here are the 3 versions of the song on a fake EP (1 is the initial version released as the "In My Chair" B-side, 2 is the Dog of Two Head version and 3 the live version of 1975). And for the cover sleeve I took a splendid drawing found on a tumblr blog, but I don't know the name of the artist. I think it fits the lyrics, about a man who doesn't seem to have any chance with women.

The Dog of Two Head version

Love it seems I just can't find Love it seems I just can't find Seems that I'm the one love The one love left behind I've searched it just won't come my way I've searched it just won't come my way It's love that I want now So what more can I say Women seem to pass me by Women seem to pass me by If I could find the reason I'd know the answer why Love it seems I just can't find Love it seems I just can't find Seems that I'm the one love The one love left behind.


Emberglow said...

Gerdundula (Manston/James)

Despite the songwriting credits included on the record labels this track was actually composed by Francis Rossi and Bob Young. The title is derived from the names of two German Quo fans (named Gerd & Ula - the German word 'und' means 'and' - hence Gerd und Ula), who followed the band unabated during the early 1970's non-stop touring schedule. The pseudonyms Manston/James were actually created for copyright reasons at the time, as the band were eager to record the song at the time. Originally issued on the flipside of the In My Chair single, Quo later re-recorded a new version for their album Dog Of Two Head. This differed mainly in its instrumentation from the original and was approximately thirty seconds longer. The original version features John Coughlan playing bongos.

The third version is a live recording from March 1975. It was released on the Status Quo Live! EP which was released to promote their 13th UK tour and to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the formation of the group. It was released on 13th May, 1975 as Vertigo QUO 13 with sleeve notes by John Peel. It became the first EP to be listed on the official UK singles chart since The Beatles some twelve years earlier and reached ... No.9.

dkelvin said...

Thx for the precisions although you could have added some nice comment with it for having created this faked EP but I'm maybe asking too much.

Emberglow said...

Hi DK,

Nice one! I like your fakes. Thanks for collecting the scans of the various covers, too. I've just downloaded a few of your Alex Harvey rarities and I'm looking forward to listening to them tonight. Keep up the good work.

- Emberglow

Michel said...

Hi, first of all excuse me for my poor english.
When I read your post about guilty feelings listening to Status Quo, it was a kind of relief. Well I'm not the only one...I was about 12 years old when I discovered this band (with the Hello album). I now know that it is quite simple music but this is how I fell into rock addiction.
As I never heard the first version of this song, I ran (guilty and excited) into the dl link but unfortunately it was down.
However thanks for sharing your knowledge and good music.

dkelvin said...

That's done

Alejandro said...

Gracias amigo, gran trabajo! Sigue asì...

Bruno Verheyden said...

thx a lot for this piece of information
We're planning to take the song in our setlist, as we are a 'classic' celtic folk band
it's a magic song, with a story behind

Bruno from Belgium

kingpossum said...

Though not a favorite band of mine by any stretch, I nonetheless have a soft spot for Status Quo Live, the double LP recorded at the Glasgow Apollo. Worth the price of entry alone for the over the top introduction delivered by some geezer in a nautical getup. Followed by 90 minutes of essentially the same Chuck Berry riff repeated over and over, substituting different lyrics each time to comprise a setlist of "different" songs. But never mind, the kids in the denim jackets approve, and "In My Chair" is delivered with a swaggering groove.

Thanks for putting this single together. Nice work as always.

thehilligan said...

There s a really good version by Two Timers...aka Sarah James and Gordon Russell (ex Dr Feelgood). They used to do a great live version too