Third World War - II (1972)

A year Sleaford Mods are one of the hot sensation (god blesses these guys) it's time to listen again (and again and again) to this fantastic band and their greatest release to date. When some talk to me about how legendary and revolutionary is this or that classic rock album (for example London Calling or Raw Power), I can't help to answer that this one (and Kiss Ass Godhead! from the Membranes) are what I call legendary and revolutionary. And as usual they treat me as an asshole who knows nothing to music. Time will tell. Catch this re-up here and cut cane for Castro rather than lick politicians' arses.

I'm a little fed up to see Clash's "London Burnin'" as the sole musical reference for the recent British riots. Before them, there were other political bands for JC sake. And even much more political since the rock 'n roll dimension in Clash has always been more pregnant than the political one. And for me, the strongest of all these bands is Third World War, with Terry Stamp on vocals and Jim Avery on bass. Clearly left wing and Marxists, they have released two essential albums, not only in a political perspective, but more largely in musical history. Never the fusion between music and politics has been so perfect. They are often considered as proto-punk but they are primary proletarian rock (we'd call it prolo-rock in France). Not far from what Slade could have been if they didn't chose to go in the glam world, cos' Slade had not any political idea (at least they hided them behind their "clap-your-hands" rock n'roll attitude). Actually, I understand this dilemna, being a kid from the working class at the times, I also digged glam and quite omitted any political preoccupation until punk arrived 5 years later. Third World War was unfortunately not here anymore (they disbanded after this album due to shortage of money, what a surprise). Bands like Sham 69 or Menace (or even Ian Dury and later Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra was a fan of the band, as was Paul Weller from Jam who covered Terry Stamp songs) are the ones that reminded me the most the band, but they had not their musical genius (and they were rather embarrassing sometimes when various fascists began to adopt them, I'm talking about Sham 69 and Menace of course). This is their second opus. The first is not weaker, just that in this second one, there are the rudest lyrics and the sound is maybe more professionnal. And there are their 2 masterpieces ("Castro" and "Hammersmith Guerrilla"). Cos' you must read (at least listen to) lyrics when you hear 3WW. You can read things totally unexpected in these times. The album was nearly shelved because of the text in "Coshing Old Lady Blues" (on which one could believe he listens to Joe Cocker) and they had to change of label or the Who's Track one. Don't search them on the net, nobody had uploaded them. So, you should buy the CD, they're on it. For me, this LP is a masterpiece I never ceased to listen throughout my existence, any period, cos' it's transtemporal by nature. To note that on the keyboards, some will be surprised to find John Hawken before he joined Renaissance and then Strawbs. Quite amazing cos' the universe is rather different but who cares. He brings to this album something brilliant that would have missed without him (listen to the piano on "Rat Crawl"). So, now, it's up to you, don't believe all the bullshit you can read here or there about this band (their music would be poor, what a joke), listen by yourself, you won't say after it that before Clash there was nothing. A site about these 2 great guys here.


reservatory said...
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reservatory said...

Thanks for giving these guys their due. I tried learning more by clicking the link at the end of the post, but it's already defunct. Keep looking under rocks for the rest of us.

Paul said...

Great article! Thanks for sharing the great music.
I've been looking for their first album - if you have it or can find it please let me know.

Rob J said...

The price of being too far ahead
of your time.

Without Third World War, there
would be no Crass. Unlike The
Velvets or The Stooges, their
albums have been deleted for
so long,they have been unfairly forgotten, which is a shame because they had identified many problems which made The Clash famous.
Good to see some long overdue credit heading their way.

Anonymous said...

God bless you for this! It's the first time i listen to this fantastic band. unfortunately it is impossible to find a link to download the second Lp. Can you try to upload it again,please? Prices on discogs for the Lp are out of reach for me. Best.

tonyon said...

main problem in the third world is religion. Out religion and all its Lies from the world