Tree of Sores - s/t (2011)

I had this long EP or short LP for several months in mind for a future posting, but it was never the time. Tonight it is. It's true that this band isn't easy to categorize and escapes the usual classifications since under their sludge there is a often a Stooges approach of riff (listen to "Sandford") with something of the glorious nineties noise period (the voice of Talia that reminds the one from the great Drive Like Jehu, and the guitar sound too) but those who would be afraid of these references must know that the heavyness and the monstruosity of the thing are totally in the sludge metal circle. Moreover, the whole has a real psychedelic flavour (I write with a "u" since they are from Leeds, UK and not USA, I do as I've been said at school) that is another uncategorizing aspect of this sonor mixture. What I'm sure is that this is one of the best think to have emerged this year. One of the rare records that'll reconcile fans of Sonic Youth (old one), the Swans, Skullflower, Neurosis, even Cure, and the dirtiest sludge. You can dl it here and then support them in donate something to dl it on their bandcamp (there) or buy the CD (only 150 pressed, don't know if there are still some available). They'll be famous someday I'm certain.

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