Web - I Spider (1970)

Another self-requested re-up of this strongly underrated masterpiece, mainly due to Dave Lawson, another unsung heroes of the seventies (I think I'll post a compilation of his songs played when he was in Greenslade, you'll be surprised). The songs "I Spider" and "Love You" are each in their own style, real classics. So here it is again. Really, with Spring, Fuchsia or Comus albums, this is one of the most overlooked album of that era. Catch it here.

I think I have quite a large knowledge of the music of the seventies (let's say music between 1967 and 1977) but contrary to many fans of this period and notably of obscure or at least, less-known bands than the ones the posterity kept in memory, I don't consider there are many forgotten masterpieces. I would say about a dozen. But it's only my opinion and I can be wrong. I'll try to post those I consider such. Here's the first, an LP by a band called Web. Previously they were called The Web but didn't exactely play the same stuff. The reason is that a fantastic guy joined them. His name? Dave Lawson, the future Greenslade keyboard/singer/composer. He took the wheel of this sonor vehicle and the result is stunning. Somewhere between Georgie Fame, Barry Ryan, The Nice, Colosseum or The Battered Ornaments, their music is classy, original, rich, various, never boring, and never totally in the progressive mood. More what rock could have been if it had been the new jazz. The lyrics are very good, based on intimate feelings of loneliness, jealousy, inability to get loved, metempsycosis, rather than the usual bullshitty hippie-influenced litanies of most bands. This is really a must-have, must-listen and so on. Esoteric records released it with 2 live bonus tracks (didn't put them in the file since I always respect the initial version of the songs environment). Later, the band will change its name for Samurai, but the album will be much weaker. Then, they gave up and Dave Lawson joined Dave Greenslade (from Colosseum) to form Greenslade. But that's another story.