Wizard's Beard - Pure Filth (2011)

The name is a pretty bad one. The cover sleeve a rather ugly one. But the music deserves the buying and to cherish this UK band. They claim to cover all genres from Mississipi John Hurt (??? I wonder whether they listened to him recently) to Iron Monkey (here that's more obvious) but they first remind me of the beginning of doom-death with bands like Cerebral Fix or Obituary. But they are much more destructured and less metal inclined, and it's clear this long EP or short LP could not have been released in the nineties. They do not try to sound massive and make a wall of their music but to make the effort felt, like a man trying to get out of mud. In that way, they are sludge (a little bit of Acid Bath in it). But enough with my poor comparisons. The best is that you dl it here and then quick go to they bandcamp here to support them in buying this gem. It's aggressive and bellicose as I want to hear these days while everyone seems only interested to find a place to burn his/her skin like a fried chicken, forgetting the horrors of the world. Let's keep them present in our soul with this band. Their site is here.


SteveAsat said...

I don't like the "darker and edgier" reboot of Magical Trevor. He scares the children and he's got a potty mouth. Thanks for nothing, Christopher Nolan.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they're trying to say they sound like John Hurt.....more that they're influenced by him. I don't think for 1 second they're under the impression they're a delta blues band!

If you look at that list of influences, it's pretty varied!

dkelvin said...

Yes, of course, but even the influence is quite difficult to find since MJH was probably the most folky and delicate of the bluesmen and I would rather find blues influences of Wizard's Beard in John Lee Hooker or Robert Johnson. But the important is that they do a hell of good noise after all. And that they don't sound shitty as most of the current stoner/doom bands
Thx for the comment