Chartreuse - You Really Got Me / Rock And Roll Rules (1977)

I'm glad some ask this single to be re-up since 4 years ago I was quite proud to have ripped it from my vinyl (I'm more and more lazy to do it these late months although I have amount of never-released on CD or in MP3 material to tranfer) and posted it for all the Cockney Rebel completists (see below to understand why). Not that this is a masterpiece but there's something thrilling to listen to what ex-Steve Harley partners had imagined to do after their leader left them. So catch it here. PS. Once again the sleeve is mine, apocryph not authentic.

Today, quite a rarity I think, and a really forgotten song. Actually, not the song since it's a cover of one of the most famous one in history, the Kinks' "You Really Got Me". But this cover is usually not cited in the lists of bands having played it. Chartreuse is the band created by 2 ex-Cockney Rebel members, bassist Paul Jeffreys and keyboardman Milton Raeme James, after being briefly in Bebop Deluxe in 1975 (but never recording anything with Bill Nelson). This single was issued quite late, since in 1977, the glam times were over. I must say I was quite enthusiast when I saw this single in 77, but deeply deceived listening to it. Belonging to no clear style, there is something of Devo and Sparks in it, but rather weak, even on the original B-side song. The band will be short-lived, and both musicians (other members of Chartreuse seem to be those of the band Violins, Jeff Faulkner on guitar and Malcolm Ashmore on drums with vocalist Rob Elliott) would form the also unsuccessful Warm Jets the next year, a much more punk and new wave band this time. Ironically, the "You Really Got Me" cover by Van Halen would be a massive hit the year after. This difficult to find and expensive to buy 7" has never been issued on CD or on MP3 before I think. I ripped my vinyl for this post. I think the sound is quite good. A document for completists of music made by various Cockney Rebel members. There was no cover sleeve on the original issue so I created one, based on my interpretation of the Chartreuse beverage and physical love described in the lyrics of the song. There is no available picture of this band neither.

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Would love a re-up of this gem. Thanks.