Forks of Ivory - s/t (2011)

Sorry, nothing to do with the previous post. It's not because there was an elephant on the cover sleeve of Preacher's last offer that I post tonight the Forks of Ivory. No, it's only because this duo plays a fantastic sludgy noise (unleast it's a noisy sludge). With only drums and guitars, they give you the impression you're trapped in a washing machine program spin-drying. Most of time instrumental, we are here somewhere between Tweak Bird and Lightning Bolt (and even Shellac) but with a sludge and doom imprint that you don't find in these bands and a lot less based upon virtuosity (it's sometimes rather simplistic but I don't dislike). A great mixing of atmospheres that deserves to be supported. In times where blogs tend to overestimate a lot of new bands that don't offer anything new or enjoyable (at least to my ears), here's one real interesting thing. Enjoy it here. And then go to their bandcamp here to buy it or their reverbnation site there to program them in your town or village.

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