Frequency of Butterfly Wings - The Butterfly Effect (2011)

This is exactly what I expect from an album these times. Something that constantly surprises me, that reinvents things so that I can't even say in which sub-tribe you can classify it (fed up with all the assholes listening to music with their taxinomic glasses, hating if not doom enough, black metal enough, stoner enough, they are parasites and it would be a relief if they could quit writing on music anywhere). This band has succeeded in providing such a thing here and it's an album you'll have to count on when time will come to decide what's has been important this year. Yes indeed, this band from Iran (yes), shows to all their occidental fellows what it's to be free in music (shit, I can't find the right way to say what I'm thinking, really a bore to write in English really). In 11 tracks, they cover such a large palette of styles that really it's impossible to recomment listening to this LP to anyone in particular. There are some weaker parts (at least to my ears, particularly due to some approximation in the drumming and the production) but it doesn't really matter since this is the kind of album you listen as a lot and not for specific songs. It's sometimes like having in the same album Xasthur and TV Personalities. All I can say is that I think it's a sort of masterpiece and that it will surely feature with Dark Castle, the Unthanks and Corrupted in my top 5 of the year. Enjoy it here. You can read the lyrics there. Their facebook page here.

I'm sitting down on a chairtall walls surround me i feel i'm blind, it seems i'm deaf i tried to scream but no one hears there is no light, where is the sun? nobody's alive, people cry can't you hear? i won't pay attention to this pain in my heart i can't breath anymore darkness swallowed me i'm sure a rush of blood falls from my eyes i won't birth anymore


Anjana (Sri Lanka) said...

Pretty interesting .. I think they are really talented ..

Josef Habibi said...

Hey dude, could you please post this?! this is The Cinnabar, Brand New Single by Frequency Of Butterfly Wings...