Funeral Mourning - Drown in Solitude (2006)

This Australian one-man band is actually, like Malefic for Xasthur, the project of Desolate, who seems to do almost everything on it. It's surely one of the most deep, intense and moving funeral doom LP ever released, at least to my ears, or should I say to my sadness, since this music can't be really judged like another one. What the fuck is to say that it's good or not when the only criterion is whether it touches your own despair. Despair is not an objective parameter. Of course, many can laugh and mock this obsession of digging black thoughts and depressive ideas. But we can't help being sad by the world and our own fatal condition can we? Let's wait for their agony's hour, they'll be less swanky. Meanwhile, there is here everything I like in this music when it's done seriously and with taste. To try to describe it is useless with o' so pathetic English. There are many sites who made more efficient panegyrics of this album over the last 5 years that I could ever dream to write. So, the best is that you drown your solitude, like me tonight, in this ocean of tears and distorsions here (as usual, it's 320 kb, found on mf). No news from Funeral Mourning since this LP. Too sad. Below, the 17th century engraving called "The Mirrour which Flatters not" by John Payne that provides the cover sleeve and many other ones.

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