Halfnelson - A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing (1968)

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Before Sparks, there was Halfnelson, and before the first officially released album of Halfnelson, there was this album called A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing, a title that the band will use again for the first Sparks album (is it clear?). This album was worth releasing and it's a shame it was not and that it's now a forgotten one, cos' there are many excellent songs among the 12 featuring on it. Some will resurface later such as "Saccharin and the War" or "Roger", but in rather more sophisticated versions. What is clear is that the band had the british pop in the DNA of their songwriting, except for a strong Beach Boys influences. For the sleeve, as many, I was inspired by this information that "Ron Mael designed a sleeve depicting someone flying pas the Eiffel Tower on a surfboard in front of a bright moon". I didn't find the visual material to reproduce the original idea but tried to provide something not too ugly (others have done it, and I did a new one only for the pleasure, not cos' I thought I was doing better). Moreover, the sound version here was found on this site, a much improved sound compared to the vinyl rip you can find elsewhere. You can have all the informations you need on each song of this album here. Enjoy here this testimony of what a great duo was the Mael brother since the beginning of their long lasting career.


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