Head of the Taurus - self titled (2011)

This band from Germany offers one of the strongest warrior sludge doom (don't ask me what it means, I invented this expression for this band) I heard for a long time. Something of High on Fire and Sleep (something of Mike Pike in other words) but totally recreated, with an atmospheric Neurosis flavour (I'd said Omega Massif since I'm a fan of this latter band). This is a must-hear for all the amateurs of this post-rock instrumental sludgy doom that provided so many mediocre bands and some exceptionnally good as is this one. I appreciate particularly the absence of grandiloquence, so frequent in this genre. Here they keep their feet in the rawness and muddy ground of sludge and don't adopt the usual larger-than-life attitude of so many of their colleagues. A band to count on. It's an EP but I hope it will be successful enough to allow them to record a full LP on a label. Their bandcamp here. Their facebook page there. Enjoy this fantastic EP here.


headofthetaurus said...

Hey man, thanks for the nice words, they are highly appreciated! But one thing: we are from Germany! :)

dkelvin said...

Oops, sorry, I've corrected this geographic error.
Whatever you're country, your music is universal and great

headofthetaurus said...

Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

a 13:37 min song... nerds! :>>> a really nice one by the way ;)