Imber Luminis - Life As Burden (2011)

3rd post for this one man side-project I particularly appreciate, although I don't really know why. Fletus is actually a 30 min track I listened to very often this year, and I don't find the same pleasure in this new LP or in the previous compilation of unreleased tracks released some weeks ago under the name of A Cold Distance (both on this blog) But however, this is still a music I can't help to find moving and efficient for creating a special inner feeling that extracts you from this world. And that's what I ask to music now. And that's what is difficult to find when you listened for decades to music. This Belgian musician succeeds to do it and I love his way not to play the "artist" and to keep it simple and modest. What I like less in these records than in Fletus is surely the fact that now there are voices. Not that they are bad, but I really would prefer to be carried by the music only and I don't think the vocals add anything to it (except maybe on the gorgeous "Suicidal Crisis"). But that must not preclude anyone to listen and buy this great depressive and slow piece of doom. Enjoy it here.


Hansen said...

Thank you for the post.
Ultra high class (post) black metal.

Déhà said...


Thank you very much for the words and I can say the same thing : Fletus is maybe a standalone release.
But one thing : I am not French. I'm Belgian. Just this, cause I don't want to be mistaken.

Still, thanks.

/ D

dkelvin said...

Thx to have added a comment. Sorry for the mistake. Strange I did it since I knew you were Belgian. Maybe I was wanting too intensely you'd be French. I changed it.
I really dig Fletus, but your further work is of great interest too. Just that I'm addicted to Fletus for a reason I ignore.