Iron Witch - Single Malt (2011)

Happy to see these English release a full lenght-EP after their demo posted on this blog with cheers (find it here). They carry on with a mix of EyeHateGod, UpsideDownCross and Buzzov.en that seems really to come from the moisty climate of Louisiana but comes from the smoggy UK. It's first class, first choice hatred, exactly what I needed tonight, being full of disgust for human species, specially specimens living in my country, my city, my workplace, and even those who say to be my friends and beloved and who let me leave in complete solitude. What the price of affection or love if you leave those you say to love rot in their loneliness. Don't know if it's what are singing about these guys but this is exactly what their music tells me. No contest it's the best sludge record of the year. Find their bandcamp here and please buy their stuff on CD or support in dl the mp3 against some cash. Before, try it here.

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