Jethro Tull - Hymn 43 / Locomotive Breath (1971)

If there was a sign that Jethro Tull was no more a singles-band, the messy released of 7" driven from their Aqualung LP was one. Released in March 1971, and a great success in both the UK and US charts between March and May, one will have to wait until July to see a single out of it. More strikingly, this single will change according to the countries with almost a different B-side by country and sometimes the A-side being the B-side. For example, if "Hymn 43" (the song most commonly found on A-sides, although one of the weakest on the LP) was backed with "Locomotive Breath" in UK, it was "Locomotive Breath" that was on the A-side backed with "Hymn 43" in France (the single I listened to when I was a child, see the orange cover below). In the US, it seems that "Mother Goose" (another LP track) featured on B-side, when in other countries it was "Up To You". Even "Aqualung" was released in Asia on A-side. So, apparently, the band had not real interest in the content of singles and left each country act as they want. Here I chose the UK official release but of course, for me, "Locomotive Breath" will always be the Hit. Enjoy it here.

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