Lifelover - Erotik (2007)

One year after their superb Pulver (here), Lifelover released this second LP, not far from being better, maybe less adventurous, more The Velvet Underground and Jesus & Mary Chain gone Dark Gothic and Black Metal (of course the influence of 80's gothic rock à-la Sisters of Mercy is quite pregnant, more than on Pulver). Listening to it yesterday, I was thinking that bands like Lifelover, Frequency of Butterfly Wings (there), Gosdtopper (there) or the late Xasthur (there) are maybe making old rock obsolete. Maybe it's the end for monolithic bands (even those I love) who offer music easy to classify, linear, afraid to mix styles, in other words pre-calibrated music, at least most of the existing bands. Maybe we'll have again these album that we loved in the 70's such as the Todd Rundgren's, Captain Beefheart's, Steve Harley's or Kim Fowley's ones, full of unexpected "mélanges". Maybe I'm wrong but this was the impression I had. I hope that more and more bands, from more and more countries on the planet (in the 4 examples, one is from Sweden, one from Iran, one from Canada and one from the USA) will pursue in this way and give us not only a musical flower on each album, but a bunch. So here is the fantastic second LP from this unusual band.

I stare out the window, everything is so bleak Old wounds, unclean dusty wounds I shall repress it all Sterile, distant buildings, a thousand endless fucking streets,roads to the last unwilling breath Memories and melancholy, despair and depression The endless hall of omission Fuck this, I don't care

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