The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet / Special View / As My Wife Says (1978)

Re-up of this eternal and immortal song. What can I add? Except Peter Perrett seems to deny it was about hero but actually about a girl. However, the song is as incredible today as it was when it was released. A real shock during these straight punk times. But impossible to resist. And now it's forever under our skin. Catch it here

OK, can't say that "Another Girl Another Planet" is a forgotten song, I know. But what is often forgotten is the fact that the single was released in 2 versions. The most known with "Special View" on the B-side, and one much rarer, with "As My Wife Says", another non-album track, on the rear side. Although both songs were rather secondary according to the band's standards (very high actually), it's important not to forget them. "As My Wife Says" rarely featured on compilations and has been added in the reissued version of the first album 2 years ago. Since I didn't want to chose between the 2 single versions, I post one file with the 2 B-sides on it. Blink 182 fans that would have lost their way and ended on this blog might have a try on them and they'll see that the Only Ones could play faster songs than AGAP that their heroes have butchered to my old-ass-half-deaf-ears. Note that the song was not a hit at the time of its release but was only some years later. It's now a classic and although some find it dated musically, it's my way to consider playing great music so I don't care. College rock is really a pale ersatz of what I consider rock music.


ranxerox said...

just an artist from another planet where he finally choosed to live.
It's ridiculous they're mostly known for "another girl..."

dkelvin said...

I agree but since the B-side songs are rare it's interesting to post it. Moreover, I'll travel throughout the Only Ones singles, live testimonies and the Peter Perrett's releases after the classic Only Ones line up broke up.
Thx for the comment

ranxerox said...

for sure it's interesting to post those b-sides(any chance for lossless quality).
i'll be watcing this journey dk.

geololo said...

Hi, probably one of the best rock single ever ! Listening to the B-sides might help to decide. Anyway, with this single, the band should have become as famous as many other bands of that period.
Thank you very much for all the Only Ones singles and Peter Perrett posts, quite hard to find.
Congratulations for your great blog, only good taste here.