The Only Ones - You've Got To Pay / This Ain't All (It's Made To Be) (1979)

Re-up of this failing follow-up to AGAP. The cover sleeve should have been kept for the LP I think. Catch it here.

Released in February 1979, just a month prior to the wonderful Even Serpents Shine LP, the A-side seems not to have been the band's choice, and first the John Perry's, who didn't like it. But it's true that, with it's Elvis Costello flavour, it was a possible hit. Actually it was not (but lyrics about the fact that you'll have to pay for the love you'll get, and the complexity of the used language, were not an additional advantage for such a public success). The single is often cherished first because of it's classy cover sleeve, quite doom actually, and second for it's rare B-side, a song totally under the double influence of "Sweet Jane" and of "Baba O' Riley" for the riff. But by the Only Ones, it's something else, although far from their best, but with a fantastic John Perry on solo. Let's not forget this single that illuminated this year, the last of the punk's period. 

You've Got To Pay. I had to choose, which one to lose I couldn't do it for they each had their use It was so hard, tearing apart Now I know you gotta get it right at the start I learnt my lesson now I learnt it the hard way If you wanna be in love You've gotta pay and pay and pay After the pain that was suffered in vain The dark roads we travelled, with nothing to gain And though the pleasures, will always be treasured It's a shame it came to such drastic measures Indecision, lack of conviction Slurred diction failing what you're trying to say If you are a slave to love You're gonna pay and pay and pay Our flightpath's a gradual descent, from the firmament I can tell by the tone of the letters you sent What was once sacred, is now full of hatred How come such love can be dissipated? I've had enough of all this poison and decay If you wanna come face to face with love You've gotta pay and pay and pay

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