Slade - Know Who You Are / Dapple Rose (1970)

Re-up of the 3rd Slade single. Details below. Catch it here. It'll be in the compilation I'll gather some time later but I don't really know when.

Released in September 1970, 2 months before their Play It Loud album, this single is maybe one of their most forgotten ones although the songs are not rare, both included on the album. In this single, the Beatles influence is very pregnant, but the Cream and Ten Years After influences are easy to find on "Know Who You Are". On the B-side, it's not being rude to say the song is a plagiarism of McCartney but with a Bee Gees flavour (the band of the sixties, not what they became once turned disco). All in all, a totally commercial miss but a testimony of the ability of the band not to be only a stomping and funny bunch of glamsters. To note that during these months, the band had a skinhead look that would have allowed them to play unnoticed during the punk's era. PS. The single was released without cover sleeve so I did one with a picture of the times


Anonymous said...

Dapple Rose is by far the best Slade B-side.
Always a single band with not that many good album tracks or B-sides but Dapple Rose is one of the few exceptions. Much better than the A-side who does not compare well to any of the later Slade singles with the exception of 7 Year Bitch.

dkelvin said...

It's your opinion. On my blog I give mine. And visitors can make their own with my links. Listening to music for the last 40 years and having lived during the Slademania gives some credit to provide one.

Anonymous said...

For me Dapple Rose have always been one of the favourite Slade songs. But what do you mean "plagiarism of McCartney..."???

(I dont really know McCartneys music so well)