Slade - Shape of Things to Come / C'mon C'mon (1970)

Second Slade single re-up. More details below. Catch it here.

When you look at Slade's look in the beginning of 1970, you could believe a skin or an oi band from 1977. Now managed by Chas Chandler, they are in their skinheads period and release this Mann/Weil song from the Wild in the Streets motion picture. It was not a hit (in March 1970) but they had a TV exposure on Top of the Pops. The version is rather good, quite Cream inclined. The B-side is totally under the Beatles influence with its "Paperback Writer" riff, and once again, it's rather good although it seemed unlikely that the band may make long lasted impression with a so 60's music. Enjoy this piece of history.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for sharing these Slade records. It's wonderful to hear them & a long time since they were first on the radio!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour pierre

Merci beaucoup pour les site .
I know it's a bit much to ask , but seeing as the link to this is now dead could you perchance produce one of your custom ' singles collections for this band Slade s'ivous plais ?
Bon chance

dkelvin said...

I don't have the possibility to compile a singles collection in a near future so I'll re-up individually the singles OK.

kingpossum said...

Hearty thanks for the time and care that you put into these Slade singles. This early stuff has a Monkees-like feel, meant entirely as a compliment. I wasn't aware of this era of Slade, much appreciated.