Slade - Wild Winds Are Blowing / One Way Hotel (1969)

A visitor asked for the re-up of the early Slade singles I had posted. Not a bad idea. Actually he asked for a singles compilation and I'll do one but not in the next weeks cos' I've not all the softwares I need to do one where I'm presently. But I'll re-up the 8 first singles one by one. Many nice songs to reactivate. First one here.

Quite a change of style with the previous posts I agree. But there is quite a time I want to post the first singles by Slade. I'll stop around 1973, but I think these little vinyl circles showed that Slade was much more than a stupid stomping band for teenagers and that their Beatles heritage made them composed and played really good songs that they often put on B-sides. Not on this first single (at least the first under the Slade name, since before they were the In-Be-Tweens and then Ambrose Slade and had released some singles and one album), released in Oct. 1969, the B-side will be included on their further album (Play It Loud), released one year later. It's a great song and deserves to be not forgotten. The A-side is a little more dispensable and failed to chart. In late 69, Slade was still a somewhat skinhead band (see the video and the pix below) and not yet this successful bunch of working class glam boys that they'll be 2 years later. Enjoy this first shot (the version of "One Way Hotel" seems a little different that on the album actually).

They asked me to sleep on the floor The people were running galore They asked for the time to make a number of changes and I let them I sat on my case in the hall The window and ceiling looked tall How long does it take to make a number of changes when you let them The case of another man was open and the contents were lying on the floor I could tell by his face he's a man like myself that's for sure I was there for a fortnight or more The place is full up to the door My mind was deranged and my habits were changed since I let them I finished my job nine till four I thought that my boss knew the score It makes you feel sick when you think of the tricks they get up to The locks on the windows were made by yourself not to open (by yourself not to open) Come to think of it now that if I were a child they'd be broken I've now spend a year behind this door The doctors would see me no more They asked me to sign with a pen on the line I was done for

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