Vrangsinn - Phobia (2009)

Recently I discovered Vrangsinn was with Aliaa Magda Ehlmady, the Egyptian feminist (and femen member) that was a kind of heroine for many (for me I must say) in posing naked on a facebook page and more recently menstruating on the ISIS flag whilst a friend was shitting on it. This is for sure a brave and respectable couple and an occasion to re-up this wonderful and scandalously underrated album. As I wrote below, it is maybe the masterpiece that could have achieved Robert Smith if he was not stuck in his gelified character. I can assure you it's something to listen to. And for some of you, it'll find its way in your beloved ones. Catch it here.

Vrangsinn has a long history in the black metal world, and notably with Carpathian Forest (but also more than 10 different bands). This Norwegian is much more than a simple bassist of black metal bands, but a versatile artist (writing, filming, drawing) not afraid to be also a character, what our times are lacking so much. Profoundy anti-religious (welcome to the club, I can say that since I'm older than he is), here he offers a totally strange and unexpected album which has nothing to do with metal, but has more to do with Nick Cave. But although I don't appreciate our famous Australian icon, here I find the proposed songs totally my taste, since they have the despaired and delericted flavour that you won't find in Cave's work, who is in the classic artist format. What is the most striking in this LP, is that Vrangsinn often sounds vocally as a drunken Robert Smith, and I can't imagine any Cure's fan, specially of the most delirious periods of the band, not caught by this album. This music is like a poison. You can find it a little bitter for a while, but soon you listen to it again and this bitterness begins to taste sweet. If I post this album now, it's also because we're waiting for his new album, and the some songs that can be heard make me think it will be quite a masterpiece. Lyrics included in the rar file. More on this LP there. The whole album was associated with videos you can watch below.

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