Family - Me My Friend / Hey Mr. Policeman (1968)

The second Family single was released on Reprise on 5 July 1968, some days prior to their first album, the very psychedelic-oriented Music in a Doll's House, one of the best album in a genre that is now quite dated and has not aged well. Strangely, in this plethoric album (16 tracks) the 2 selected songs for the single (no unissued B-side here) were not really in the psychedelic mood. "Me My Friend" is a classic, with something that makes me think of the French chanson tradition. I would like to know what was the influence for this song. Anyway, it's really a strong one. The orchestration is plenty of horns and raises shivers in the spine. It was not a hit but the critical welcome was rather enthusiastic. On the B-side, Family offers a bluesy brass one that ondulates as Ray Davies' version of New Orleans swamp. Rather sapid. Enjoy this second shot here. Sorry for the bad quality of the cover sleeve. Didn't find a better one on the net since I don't have the single personally. Below a version of "Me My Friend" filmed by French TV (I think it was Pop 2 from Antenne 2 channel but I have not verified so I may be wrong).

Me My Friend. Me my friend, I have seen many lands, me my friend I have been far and wide I have sailed many a tide I have rolled many a ride But I wish, me my friend, I could sail to the stars Have the gift to transport my whole being, my whole thought To a world of dreams, my friend Me my friend, I have loved many girls, me my friend I have told many lies I have asked many whys I have whispered many sighs But I wish, me my friend, I could have till the end Someone to love and hold Through the warmth and the cold Of my lonely years, my friend


Drear - We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer (2011)

Yesterday evening, I was trying to kill my anguish and sadness with something new to hear, and I despaired also to find anything that may seem to me of enough strenght and intensity to be noticed. When I thought it was over for the night, I met this incredible demo from a UK duo who seem to have recorded it 2 years ago and released it only last June. It's a fantastic piece of music, consisting in 3 tracks melting post-rock to sludge, black metal, industrial (à la Godflesh) and Khanate-influenced doom, with an hellish heavyness and a terrific frightening atmosphere and constant changes (except "Madness & Civilisation" which is a sort of bridge between the 2 main tracks) precluding any boredom. In particular the voice, which is far from the pseudo-poetic approach of some post-rock descendants of Pelican or Isis. No doubt it's one of the most impressive thing I heard this year. And today, still high in my sadness-will-prevail state, it was (with a French singer called Barbara) the only thing that helped me to reach the evening without jumping through my window (and I'm living quite high). Make me a favour. Listen to this EP, dl it here, and then support this band there, we need (at least I) them to make other impressive records like this one.

Sound up. Lights off. Full screen. Drink on.--- First we captured the earth, then set motion to an unending process of cultivation. Now we consume. Master and conquer till nights are starless, till birds are singing at 3am, till the world is just "scenery" and the noise of machinery never goes away.Capture. Cultivate. Consume.


Lifelover - Dekadens (2009)

Somewhere, a blogger wrote about the 3 first Lifelover albums that it was a "perfect trilogy". Not far to be true and honestly this band is one of my most cherished (late) revelation of the last decade. Actually, it's true too that this EP, following the 3rd LP (Konkurs) is rather a deception. Much more fist-in-the-face oriented, it seems the band decided to dig its metal dimension and to omit almost completely their experimental explorations that gave them this so idiosyncrasic aura. Of course, it's only an EP, recorded in the BBC studios, and the objective was maybe to break the European market, but it was the first time the band did not fulfil expectations. Sometimes there are some traces of Ministry, sometimes of Sisters of Mercy, sometimes the band uses black metal gimmicks, but all this does not add to their grandeur. Since I decided to post all their work in order to make them known by the more people possible, I post this one too. It's still good and there are some great moments in it. Enjoy it here (it took me 2 hrs to upload with my snaily connexion).


The ChristPunchers - Black Lung In The Age Of Crime (2011)

I discovered this Detroit band from Stonerobixxx (here) with their one-track EP released last January (Conduit (Deprogramming in 3 Phases)) and quite a masterpiece. But I'm totally stupefied by this other one-track EP that was "offered up as a mail-order only bonus CD-R to folks who purchased the "Cold Hands" 7"" and which has been updated last March. It's in the same time pure rock, pure doom and pure post-metal. And more than that, with a sound loudness I've rarely heard in my life (and I heard quite a lot of things believe me). It's massive as was some LP such as Migration's Buried at Sea for example. One can hear the reminiscences of ancient Neurosis or Melvins (they were much more Melvinian some years ago) and even Godflesh, but again, with a little rock supplement I've never heard in this genre. Instrumental, it's moreover full of windy atmosphere that gives to it a rather spacey feeling. In other words, this band is one of the greatest on the planet these days. Don't miss it. Go to buy their stuff here and if you want to be sure beforehand, dl this gem there. More posts to come for sure, it's a revelation for me.


Bongmoth - 1.618 (2007)

One of the rare stoner band I'll post here. If I've really been in stoner during Kyuss career and the first years of the movement (with Acrimony and some others), I've been quickly bored with the constant recycling of the same old cooked riffs and the increasing testosterone-trend of the genre. Here is an incredibly interesting band (surely disbanded since I didn't find anything new about them even on their myspace and this LP was quite difficult to find for dling). It's completely instrumental, and is a novative mix of stoner and post-rock. They're (actually were) Australians. The last track "Illumination" listen below on Soundcloud), the longest, has a stunning harmonica on it and is for me one of the strongest stoner track ever played in history. It's even doom in it's slowness and atmosphere. Not to miss. A must hear. Enjoy it here. Thanx to Drowning Earth for the revelation.

Bongmoth - Illumination by Black Sun Audio


Bell Witch - Self-Titled (2011)

From Seattle, this band (actually, they are only 2) offers an haunting piece of doom. Imagine Sleep crossed with Khanate with something of the loudest and "rootest" sludge. Imagine Black Sabbath who would have sacrificed their hard rock wing to fly only with their most funeral and slow one. Imagine Electric Wizard who would have not decided to become groovy. And you got one of the most "down under the ground" band of this era. It's slow, very slow (not far from the 1st Orthodox or Moss, but more old school and far easier to listen). They don't fear to play very few notes and let the gloomy atmosphere spread it's tentacles around the listener. It's audacious, risqué and it works. With only a dirst demo they install themselves as a seminal force of our rotten times. Hope they'll keep this uncompromised approach and will not put any stoner in their sonic beverage. It is said to be a demo but for me it's a self titled EP that's all. And a great, very great one, believe me. Enjoy it here and then go there to their bandcamp support in buying it (sad there's not solid format to buy), then go to their blog there to catch news. PS. Some informations about this Bell Witch of Tenesse who gave her name to the band here.


Dyskinesia - Dalla Nascita (2011)

Sorry for those coming here for old 70's stuff but I can't wait posting this extraordinary post-rock droney sludge album (these classifications become quite boring but they help to define quickly what we(re talking about musically) from an Italian band formed 4 or 5 years ago and who seemed to have evolved quite recently in one of the most powerful and imaginative atmospheric derelicted post-rock of the planet. They offer here a wide rainbow of emotive landscapes, mostly dark and bleak but who escape the usual arty posture and conceptual shit that this style often drains. An unmissable record if you want to fly over your everyday filth. Enjoy it here. You can dl the album for free here and then donate for the band is able to release the CD.


Lifelover - Konkurs (2008)

First, I was deceived. Production was improved but I thought it was more unidimensional, too much gothic and less inventive than the 2 previous ones. I was wrong. Some weeks later, I think it's a pure masterpiece. I must say I discovered the band quite recently, with Pulver, and decided to discover their discography progressively. And some days ago, I learned that B, the member of the band that was responsible for most of the material, died after a show. I must say that I've rarely been more affected by the death of a musician (by Kossoff, Alex Harvey and Marc Bolan ones of course, but not many more). And to know there won't be another Lifelover album makes me more angry than sad. There are some incredible songs on Konkurs. Specially the instrumentals. Like the previous albums, songs become more and more experimental and atmospheric on what would have been the B-side on a vinyl record. I can't imagine something more crucial to dl that such an album. As specified earlier on the posts for Pulver and Erotik, this band is a mix between Amon Düll II, goth-rock, black metal, Paradise Lost Gothic period, and even TV Personalities, but so many more I can't name them all and I would probably miss a lot. In the end, it becomes Lifelover and all these influences are far beyond and buried in memory. Do me a favor: dl it here. And then go to buy it for the great booklet.


Can't Fake Nature - You... EP (2011)

Ribs Out (here) has uploaded 15 new albums/EPs from various styles, mostly post rock, ambient, drone or math rock. I took some times to listen to most of them and I was immediately stucked by this Croatian band, who play something like post-rock, not totally innovative I must say, but whose climate alleviates a little of my inner anguish and it's a welcome relief. This EP has been mastered by James Plotkin, which is a quality sign. If you're in Omega Massif or Witchblade (but I know that Isis, Pelican and Mogwai invented the genre), you can jump on it without apprehension, it's for you. Enjoy it here. And then go to their bandcamp there buy the CD (a nicely composed box).


Tinsel Teeth - Trash As The Trophy (2010)

The band posted it's (great) last album (Trash is the Trophy, released in May 2010) on bandcamp, and you can listen to and buy it here. This band is the wildest descendant of Jesus Lizard and Stephanie the most stunning performer of the planet. So, no use to add that this album is a must. If you absolutely want to dl it free, do it here, but then please support them in buying their stuff.


Kutkh - Earth Without Light (2011)

Amazing how worldwide, bands offer novative, uncomplexed and free ways to mix various styles. After Lifelover in Sweden, Frequency of the Butterfly Wings in Iran, Godstopper in Canada, Autumn for the Crippled Children in Nederland, today Kutkh in Russia, who provide a long track (18:35) in which we travel throughout an incredible variety of atmospheres. No taboo, it could be the Velvet Underground (or let's say Slint) and 2 minutes later Ramesses. It's exciting to see that Black Metal, Doom and Sludge's avatars aren't stuck in the boring repetition of formula such as Stoner or Death metal. An exceptional band. Enjoy it here and then, support them there.


Enslaved - Thorn 7" (2011)

Never anything from this band (from Norway, formed 20 years ago) had really any impact on me previously (maybe I should try again), but this new 2 tracks single is one of the best thing I heard this autumn (and there are a lot of weak things released unfortunately, with blogs strangely enthusiastics for an amount of mediocre old school stoner or doom clichés). Based on black metal, with a rather slow and basic drumming, "Disintegrator" has a wonderful melody that makes you fly upon this shitload reality as few others can do it. And the B-side is great too. It's good to see an old band like this produces such an uncompromised music. Hope they'll pursue in this style. Enjoy it here.