Bell Witch - Self-Titled (2011)

From Seattle, this band (actually, they are only 2) offers an haunting piece of doom. Imagine Sleep crossed with Khanate with something of the loudest and "rootest" sludge. Imagine Black Sabbath who would have sacrificed their hard rock wing to fly only with their most funeral and slow one. Imagine Electric Wizard who would have not decided to become groovy. And you got one of the most "down under the ground" band of this era. It's slow, very slow (not far from the 1st Orthodox or Moss, but more old school and far easier to listen). They don't fear to play very few notes and let the gloomy atmosphere spread it's tentacles around the listener. It's audacious, risqué and it works. With only a dirst demo they install themselves as a seminal force of our rotten times. Hope they'll keep this uncompromised approach and will not put any stoner in their sonic beverage. It is said to be a demo but for me it's a self titled EP that's all. And a great, very great one, believe me. Enjoy it here and then go there to their bandcamp support in buying it (sad there's not solid format to buy), then go to their blog there to catch news. PS. Some informations about this Bell Witch of Tenesse who gave her name to the band here.

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