Bongmoth - 1.618 (2007)

One of the rare stoner band I'll post here. If I've really been in stoner during Kyuss career and the first years of the movement (with Acrimony and some others), I've been quickly bored with the constant recycling of the same old cooked riffs and the increasing testosterone-trend of the genre. Here is an incredibly interesting band (surely disbanded since I didn't find anything new about them even on their myspace and this LP was quite difficult to find for dling). It's completely instrumental, and is a novative mix of stoner and post-rock. They're (actually were) Australians. The last track "Illumination" listen below on Soundcloud), the longest, has a stunning harmonica on it and is for me one of the strongest stoner track ever played in history. It's even doom in it's slowness and atmosphere. Not to miss. A must hear. Enjoy it here. Thanx to Drowning Earth for the revelation.

Bongmoth - Illumination by Black Sun Audio


Bongmoth said...

Thanks for listening !
please go to my web site to hear the whole album


Cheers :)

dkelvin said...

Thx a lot. I'll post it on DimDamnDoom, the blog I used for stoner, doom or sludge. When will you record another masterpiece such as this one?