The ChristPunchers - Black Lung In The Age Of Crime (2011)

I discovered this Detroit band from Stonerobixxx (here) with their one-track EP released last January (Conduit (Deprogramming in 3 Phases)) and quite a masterpiece. But I'm totally stupefied by this other one-track EP that was "offered up as a mail-order only bonus CD-R to folks who purchased the "Cold Hands" 7"" and which has been updated last March. It's in the same time pure rock, pure doom and pure post-metal. And more than that, with a sound loudness I've rarely heard in my life (and I heard quite a lot of things believe me). It's massive as was some LP such as Migration's Buried at Sea for example. One can hear the reminiscences of ancient Neurosis or Melvins (they were much more Melvinian some years ago) and even Godflesh, but again, with a little rock supplement I've never heard in this genre. Instrumental, it's moreover full of windy atmosphere that gives to it a rather spacey feeling. In other words, this band is one of the greatest on the planet these days. Don't miss it. Go to buy their stuff here and if you want to be sure beforehand, dl this gem there. More posts to come for sure, it's a revelation for me.

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