Drear - We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer (2011)

Yesterday evening, I was trying to kill my anguish and sadness with something new to hear, and I despaired also to find anything that may seem to me of enough strenght and intensity to be noticed. When I thought it was over for the night, I met this incredible demo from a UK duo who seem to have recorded it 2 years ago and released it only last June. It's a fantastic piece of music, consisting in 3 tracks melting post-rock to sludge, black metal, industrial (à la Godflesh) and Khanate-influenced doom, with an hellish heavyness and a terrific frightening atmosphere and constant changes (except "Madness & Civilisation" which is a sort of bridge between the 2 main tracks) precluding any boredom. In particular the voice, which is far from the pseudo-poetic approach of some post-rock descendants of Pelican or Isis. No doubt it's one of the most impressive thing I heard this year. And today, still high in my sadness-will-prevail state, it was (with a French singer called Barbara) the only thing that helped me to reach the evening without jumping through my window (and I'm living quite high). Make me a favour. Listen to this EP, dl it here, and then support this band there, we need (at least I) them to make other impressive records like this one.

Sound up. Lights off. Full screen. Drink on.--- First we captured the earth, then set motion to an unending process of cultivation. Now we consume. Master and conquer till nights are starless, till birds are singing at 3am, till the world is just "scenery" and the noise of machinery never goes away.Capture. Cultivate. Consume.

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