Family - Me My Friend / Hey Mr. Policeman (1968)

The second Family single was released on Reprise on 5 July 1968, some days prior to their first album, the very psychedelic-oriented Music in a Doll's House, one of the best album in a genre that is now quite dated and has not aged well. Strangely, in this plethoric album (16 tracks) the 2 selected songs for the single (no unissued B-side here) were not really in the psychedelic mood. "Me My Friend" is a classic, with something that makes me think of the French chanson tradition. I would like to know what was the influence for this song. Anyway, it's really a strong one. The orchestration is plenty of horns and raises shivers in the spine. It was not a hit but the critical welcome was rather enthusiastic. On the B-side, Family offers a bluesy brass one that ondulates as Ray Davies' version of New Orleans swamp. Rather sapid. Enjoy this second shot here. Sorry for the bad quality of the cover sleeve. Didn't find a better one on the net since I don't have the single personally. Below a version of "Me My Friend" filmed by French TV (I think it was Pop 2 from Antenne 2 channel but I have not verified so I may be wrong).

Me My Friend. Me my friend, I have seen many lands, me my friend I have been far and wide I have sailed many a tide I have rolled many a ride But I wish, me my friend, I could sail to the stars Have the gift to transport my whole being, my whole thought To a world of dreams, my friend Me my friend, I have loved many girls, me my friend I have told many lies I have asked many whys I have whispered many sighs But I wish, me my friend, I could have till the end Someone to love and hold Through the warmth and the cold Of my lonely years, my friend

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