Family - Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens / Gypsy Woman (1967)

I update this post to inform vistors who left me messages that I reupload the Family singles that I did it tonight so they can have again the complete A and B-sides of the band's singles. And this one is surely the rarest of all.

Today, the first post of a series about the Family singles discography. After Kim Fowley found their name and recorded some demos for them (unfortunately unissued to this day), Family took their future in their hands and recorded for Liberty this single released in September 1967. Clearly in the psychedelic post-"Strawberry Fields Forever" style, rather under the influence of Traffic (the band had released their 2 first singles), the A-side shows that the band is far from being a naive and mellow one as too many were in this movement, and the inner violence can be felt under the psychedelic arabesques (really dated when listening to them now). The B-side is also Traffic-influenced, but more by the soul side of Steve Winwood. A rather difficult to find couple of songs, only released on the 1999 See For Miles collector limited edition of Music In The Dolls House/Entertainment re-issue. So 2 forgotten songs for sure. Enjoy them here. Since the single had not cover sleeve, I did one based upon the lyrics, at least considering what I can understand to them. Below is a picture of the band who recorded this single. Note it's Harry Overnall on drums (only time he would be on a Family recording). Note also that it's a much better quality version of "Scene...." than the ones you can find on the web (don't thank me, I'm only doing my (unpaid) job.


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