Lifelover - Dekadens (2009)

Somewhere, a blogger wrote about the 3 first Lifelover albums that it was a "perfect trilogy". Not far to be true and honestly this band is one of my most cherished (late) revelation of the last decade. Actually, it's true too that this EP, following the 3rd LP (Konkurs) is rather a deception. Much more fist-in-the-face oriented, it seems the band decided to dig its metal dimension and to omit almost completely their experimental explorations that gave them this so idiosyncrasic aura. Of course, it's only an EP, recorded in the BBC studios, and the objective was maybe to break the European market, but it was the first time the band did not fulfil expectations. Sometimes there are some traces of Ministry, sometimes of Sisters of Mercy, sometimes the band uses black metal gimmicks, but all this does not add to their grandeur. Since I decided to post all their work in order to make them known by the more people possible, I post this one too. It's still good and there are some great moments in it. Enjoy it here (it took me 2 hrs to upload with my snaily connexion).

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