Lifelover - Konkurs (2008)

First, I was deceived. Production was improved but I thought it was more unidimensional, too much gothic and less inventive than the 2 previous ones. I was wrong. Some weeks later, I think it's a pure masterpiece. I must say I discovered the band quite recently, with Pulver, and decided to discover their discography progressively. And some days ago, I learned that B, the member of the band that was responsible for most of the material, died after a show. I must say that I've rarely been more affected by the death of a musician (by Kossoff, Alex Harvey and Marc Bolan ones of course, but not many more). And to know there won't be another Lifelover album makes me more angry than sad. There are some incredible songs on Konkurs. Specially the instrumentals. Like the previous albums, songs become more and more experimental and atmospheric on what would have been the B-side on a vinyl record. I can't imagine something more crucial to dl that such an album. As specified earlier on the posts for Pulver and Erotik, this band is a mix between Amon Düll II, goth-rock, black metal, Paradise Lost Gothic period, and even TV Personalities, but so many more I can't name them all and I would probably miss a lot. In the end, it becomes Lifelover and all these influences are far beyond and buried in memory. Do me a favor: dl it here. And then go to buy it for the great booklet.


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this album, thanks for sharing!

dkelvin said...

Yes. I think this band is incredibly important and underrated (at least outside its native country). I'll post all their discography although I encourage to buy the real solid CD to support the band even if they don't exist as such.
Thx for the comment