The Only Ones - Fools / Castle Built On Sand (1980)

Re-up of this weak and rather incongruous single. Catch it here.

A sign that the 80's were strange times, this single seemed to me a good idea when it was released in May 1980, one month after Baby's Got A Gun was issued (with both sides from the LP) when now it seems to me a total mistake, providing an awful image (the cover sleeve is a disaster) of Peter Perrett. Just a sign of how in the 80's things went wrong. Actually, it was more a Peter & Pauline (Murray, from Penetration) single than a true Only Ones one. Except for the B-side. "Fools" is a cover of a rather average song and should have been better avoided. It seems that CBS has projects for the band to release a cover albums (some remains are to be found on the album of the same name, later on in its complete version on this blog) but not sure it was a good idea. A very bad way to end the Only Ones first era since they'd never release officially another one. More to come. .

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ranxerox said...

LOL, Fools was this years summer hit for me!