Slade - Get Down And Get With It / Do You Want Me / Gospel According To Raspoutin (1971)

Here we go for the 4th Slade single. A very good one, not primary for the A side but for the 2-song B-side. In changing their Beatles inclination for a Jerry Lee Lewis one, the band reached the charts and would understand that here was the road for fame. Catch it here.

With this 4th single and it's A-side sounding as the Beatles playing Little Richard, Slade will find the path to the charts in May 1971 (n°16 in UK). But the interest is the couple of songs on B-side. Actually, there are 2, and really great ones. The first is a doomy blues in the vein of Ten Years After and the Beatles. The second is a heavy rock prog that would have been cherished by fans of all the obscure bands that became cult in the late 20 years. Not far from the Groundhogs approach of this genre but one can hear a lot of Led Zeppelin too (it seems Jim Lea would have loved to have been in Led Zep). All in all, a great offer. The band succeeded in entering the charts with it's more ambitious single to date. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last. 

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