The ChristPunchers - Conduit (Deprogramming In 3 Phases) (2011)

I've said all my euphoric excitation for this band from Detroit here. Think MC5 meet Black Sabbath meet the Melvins meet Pelican meet whatever can make your balls (or ovaries) torsated in pain and pleasure and you got the ChristPunchers. They don't hesitate to make their tracks long labyrinthic and atmospheric pieces of music truncated by drone waves, talking excerpts and other prime cut shit. This is all we ask music to be. Direct, rough, violent but also metaphysical. Don't miss them, they are stunning. Here their last EP with 3 tracks in one (you can listen below). Their facebook page's here. Enjoy them here and then go to buy their shit as they say on their site first page (there).

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