England's Glory - Predictably Blonde fake EP (1973)

Second England's Glory re-up. Details below. Strange guitar playing. Not anybody's taste but I rather like it. Catch it here.

In May 1973, Peter Perrett's England's Glory has lost his guitarist, gone under other skies (and lost from view since then) and tried a new formula with a female guitarist called Julie (nobody seems to remember her surname, sexist world the rock 'n' roll one for sure). Unfortunately, her style won't fit with Peter Perrett's songs and this rare testimony demonstrates it. Funny to hear that she was 4 years ahead of her times since her playing is quite punk actually. But Peter Perrett needed elegant stylists such as John Perry to serves his songs correctly. None of these 4 songs would appear in his future repertoire. It's true that often, they are not far from Lou Reed plagiarism. Not sure "Predictably Blonde" would have been the title track of the lot if it was released in EP (but EPs were rare in 1973) but it's an hypothesis. PS. There'll be one more session, that will be posted here. Stay vigilant.

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