Eno - The Lion Sleeps Tonight / I'll Come Running To Tie Your Shoes (1975)

This is the last testimony of the glam Eno, and actually he can be considered to be in his next period, pre-newavesque, since it was released in August 1975 and precedes by only 1 month his Another Green World album (the B-side is driven from it) that shared nothing with the previous glam sophistication. In this cover (composed by Solomon Linda in 1939 and sung by his band the Evening Birds), there is still the sparkling and weird approach of music of his 2 previous albums that, for me, will remain his musical peak (I'll surely be considered as a stupid ignorant but I don't care anymore of what others may think of me, in particular people I won't never meet, and even those who I meet and who make my living a hell). Since this A-side was only released on the vocal boxset, I think it can be interesting to some to get it here. My connexion is so slow these days (my provider is called Numericable and their stuff is shit, thief and robbery) that I'm not sure to have the patience to upload many things in the near future.


mainechicken said...

Any chance you can re-post this?

dkelvin said...

Oh yes, tonight. I actually don't really know which files were on my mf account so your comments help me to reup progressively all I had uploaded

sprout said...

Vaguely connected with this remarkable piece of Eno-ism... the 'B' side of the King's Lead Hat single had a track which was called (or maybe by) R.A.F. which I have long since lost, but I remember it being weird and wonderful. If anyone has that buried in the depths somewhere it would be great to hear it again.