Eno - Seven Deadly Finns / Later On 7" (1974)

Since all my files were deleted by rs it's not easy to choose which ones to re-up first except when you ask but few of you ask, so here an Eno post because his recent declarations about Gaza were courageous. I upgraded a little bit the orginal sound that was from my own rip. It's better now. Get it here (tell me if everything's OK with M, personally it's a real pleasure to use). PS. Below a video from Eno at Dutch TV singing (mimicking) this song.

Here's the first of some posts about Brian Eno, when he was only named Eno and he was the sophisticated glamster archetypal specimen. We have been some to believe we had our British Todd Rundgren, the genius we were waiting for, but 2 years later he was going in one of the most musical nonsense of the century (at least to my ears), I mean ambiant muzak. So, here is his first solo single, released some months after the Here Come The Warm Jets LP (only some months after he quited Roxy Music) still an album in my top 100 all periods, but there's a long time I didn't write a Top 100 list I must say. Not that the song on this single is one of his best, but it's a real forgotten one, not even included as bonus track on the reissues of HCTWJ. Moreover, it's in good sound quality since it was taken from the Eno Box II - Vocals. The B-side was an outtake from the Fripp/Eno Pussyfooting LP (see comment below),an album that can be considered as the ancestor of drone (if you're in Nadja it should be a shock to hear that it was already done in 1973, although not with the same achievement). Personally, I've never been able to listen to it, although I'm quite used to experimental and extreme music. But this one always bored me. Yesterday I was not able to include this B-side in the rar file but a visitor (see comments below) gave the link to do it (in a vinyl rip) so now the single is complete. Some more from this period... later on.

Oh oh the french girls with the string of pearls Think it’s such a fucking shame That the local boys with their country joys Never make them daisy chains hey’re swapping disappointing incidents While at the docks another ship pulls in And suddenly the door breaks down (ooh la la) It’s the seven deadly finns Oh oh oh soldiers and sailors Have all been here before Gigolos and governments Have stumbled through that door Because they need all those french girls with all their kiss curls And powder in their guns And the seven finns with their deadly grins Tend to measure beauty in tuns The first is a freak with a masochistic streak And the second is a kitten up a tree The third is a flirt with an awful print skirt And the fourth is pretending to be me The fifth wears a mac and never turns his back The sixth never shows his eyes But the seventh deadly finn is so tall and slim He shoulda never been with those guys Although variety’s the spice of life A steady rhythm is the source Simplicity’s the crucial thing Systemically of course (work it all out like norbert wiener)So if those french girls say to you ’would you like your ashes piped ? ’ You’ll have to take their word for it It’s the only thing to take


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your string of rare, overlooked and in large parts unknown singles. I'm especially fond of the cover pictures, which in some cases bring back lots of memories....
By the way: "Later on" (together with another single I'm sure you gonna post soon) is here: http://www.pukekos.org/2008/12/brian-eno.html

Anonymous said...

I'm not into Ambient myself, and I must confess that I did not listen to a whole album of Tangerine Dream music in one sitting ever in my life - as you said, it's just too boring.
But "Pussyfooting" is different. When it came out in 1973, it wasn't boring, it was disturbing - no chance to snooze away while listening. It was highly experimental, totally unexpected at the time and had a deep impact on the future work of both artists.
"Later On" is most likely not an excerpt, but a surplus to "Swastika Girls" - something that happened "later on" after the fadout, I guess.

dkelvin said...

@Anonymous1. OMG thx a lot. I'll add "Later On" in the rar file. And thx for the nice comment. In this case I was feeling a little ashamed not to be able to put the B-side but you helped me to rectify this. Thx again
@Anonymous2. Thx for the comment. Yes, it's true that when it was released, it was rather a shock for most, not dissimilar to the effect of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. I think it's the way Fripp plays his guitar that I really don't like here. I'll add your explanation in the post text. Thx.

Anonymous said...

Video 7 deadly finns: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaLrS0WG7Z0

Rochacrimson said...

Many many thanks for this Eno single!