John Cale - Animal Justice EP w bonus track (1977)

I re-up this gem as requested, but not in flac sorry. If you were kind enough to tell me (in comments) if all is OK with dl material with M, it would be helpful. Some say M is not approved by their computer. Is it true for some of you? Please tell. Meanwhile, catch this one here.

After leaving Island (I'll post later on some of his wonderful work from this era) John Cale had a difficult period concerning his solo work. Between 1975 and 1979, he would release only one EP, called Animal Justice, our today's post, a rather provocating affair and one of the few records from old artists that I bought that year cos' it seemed to me it fitted perfectly to the atmosphere of the punk era (much more than many others of his seventies mates). With it's fantastic cover sleeve, this EP featured 2 cult songs. The first is "Chicken Shit", based upon what is sometimes called the Croydon Chicken Incident (see here the story), a live set during which Cale cut the head of a chicken with a meat cleaver, the volatile having been freshly killed previously backstage. In this song, Cale is quite sarcastic about the reaction of his bassist and drummer who immediately quitted the stage and the band. The other cult song is "Hedda Gabler", based on the character of the Ibsen theatre play. Strangely, the keyboard theme is not without similarities with "Give My Compliments To The Chef" from SAHB. But it's a great song with a sublime climax. This EP has only been included on the Sabotage (Live) CD re-issue in 2000. Thanx to the anonymous visitor who sent me a link to this CD. Yesterday I had posted a ripped vinyl version I did but today I substitute for these CD versions, much improved on a sound level. And find the lyrics for Chicken Shit here and for Hedda Gabler there. Added on the 11/26/2011. I added a song recorded during the same session (in Chalk Farm) and not included in the EP. It's called Jack The Ripper and was included in the Seducing Down The Door Rhino compilation on which you can also find "Hedda Gabbler" and "Memphis". A fifth song was recorded ("Ton Ton Macoute") but seems not to have been released in any format. I'm not a total Cale connoisseur in terms of discography, this is why my Cale's posts are rather evolutive.

A picture of the Croydon Chicken Incident on April 24 1977

A picture turning in derision this episode taken in 1979


Anonymous said...

here's a link for sabotage:
(no pass)
i saw john cale in paradiso, amsterdam in 1977. the place was buzzing with rumours ("he's going to do the chicken"), but he didn't do it again.
great concert it was though.
very interesting blog, by the way.
keep up the good work!

dkelvin said...

You made my day (and I hate sundays). Thx a lot whoever you are. Although it took me some time to rip and clean my vinyl, I'll put the CD version you sent me cos' the sound is much better. I saw John Cale in 1975 in Orange festival. He was rather in bad mood but it was moving (the link here http://orange75.pagesperso-orange.fr/johncale.htm).
Thx once again dear anonymous

Anonymous said...

Dear DK, first off, thanks for all the great posts! I was really hoping to get a copy of Sabotage/Live, but unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find. Needless to say, the MU link is unavailable thanks to the Feds. If you have time, or are so inclined, I would deeply appreciate a reposting of this amazing, out of print record. Either way, thanks again, M.

dkelvin said...

That's done here http://dkandroughmix-forgottensongs.blogspot.fr/2012/09/john-cale-sabotagelive-1979.html

Artyom Elyoskin said...

Can anyone re-upload Sabotage and Animal Justice in flac?

dkelvin said...

In flac no, but in MP3 I'll do it tonight
And when you say "someone", that means me cos' I'm alone to manage this blog.

Artyom Elyoskin said...

Btw, thanks for mp3. I'll look for flac version.

John Hilton said...

Thanks for this one. Always wondered about it...

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for reuploading this. The m download link worked without a problem for me - very fast as well!
Looking forward to Sabotage being reuploaded also.

Vonnoosh said...

"Hedda Gabler" has been given new life by Cale in his live shows. Anyone not able to find the barely released CD reissue of Sabotage (I saw it in one store when it came out and never anywhere else) might think it was a brand new song without your blog.