Kim Fowley - Son Of Frankenstein (1981)

Nobody asked me to re-up this one but I see some visitors have clicked on it and they probably were disapointed to see that the link to the file was deleted. So here it is again. A way to have a "pensée" for Mister Fowley, who passed through hard health times these past years. We had no news (even his facebook page was hidden) but now he gives again. It's terrible but he's still here, and freshly married with Kara Wright). Incidentally, I really like this album. Some of the tracks are among my faves.

Between 1973 and 1981, Kim Fowley put his solo career into brackets and kept busy with his Runaways project and various collaborations. Only one album, Sunset Boulevard (that'll be posted on this blog soon) was released, in a rather general indifference. In 1981, this LP, recorded with Rich La Bonte, was created and released without raising more interest from both the press and the public. Strange since this album is really great, and offers a novative approach of the usual weird rock 'n' roll experimentations of Mr Fowley. Apparently split in 2 sides, an 'Alcoholic' and a 'Psychedelic' ones, it is actually split in 2 songs styles, songs being spread across both sides. The first style is a sort of smoothie rock 'n' roll (the sound here is totally idiosyncrasic and can be recognized intantly when, like me, you've listened to this album since its release), not far from what Chris Spedding was proposing in a song like "Lone Rider" on Hurt, and includes "Face on the Factory Floor", "Zero Zero" and "Shades". The second style (most of the other songs) is totally experimental, with Fowley's narrative apparently mad storytelling on various musical background, from space rockabilly to cosmic synth ambiances. Strangely, it works when it should make you run away (OK, it's a little easy but I couldn't resist). There is also a Dylanesque ballad like Kim Fowley is the only one to do this well ("Destination Judy"). I took the source on the Bad News From The Underworld CD but unfortunately it's a vinyl rip off, not better than the ones you could find on some blogs (I hesitated to do mine, since I got the LP, but I'm not sure to do a better job than the ones available on the net, for example here so I didn't. Enjoy it here.


DoctorPepperOz said...

Thanks so much for this. I spent soem time with Kim when he was in Australia - in fact I sing on one track of "Hollywood Confidential". I'd very much like a copy of Sunset Boulevard - could you upload it for me please.
Regards from Downunder
David The Poet.

dkelvin said...

Oh great comment. Honoured to have one from a Kim's collaborator. Yes, I'll post Sunset Boulevard but I'll do the vinyl ripoff myself since the ones I found on the net are not really convincing. I really dig this LP too.
Thx for your comment

FLAtRich said...

Rich La Bonte here. Thanks for the review (I'm sure Kim will like it too :o)> http://www.flatdisk.net

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Fowley! He really is a great artist in his own right, and not just a producer. It's too bad his solo work has yet to get the attention it deserves. I wonder, do you happen to have the American Dream/The Statue single from 1965? As far as I know, The Statue has never appeared on any of the later comps. I think it's the only one of his 1960s songs I've yet to hear. If you happen to have it, please post it!

Teenage News said...

Can you post the album "The Day The Earth Stood Still," and your thoughts on that album? Also do you have his two other Sweedish albums "I Am The Scorpion" and "Contact" ?