Petrychor - Dryad (2010)

Yes, it's rather pure black metal for this blog, but the folk parts make me shiver like those on the 3rd opus of Led Zeppelin, and the Xasthur dimension of the music is what unload me from the heavyness of life these days (with John Cale, in another style). Here's the first demo of this one-man band apparently from California (when you remember this was the land of the Grateful Dead and other psychedelic peace and love combos in the sixties, it shows you times have changed). I'm not totally fond of the way this talented young man plays his solo (a little too much virtuoso for me) but this is not embarassing enough to preclude me to post this 3 track EP cos' it is very strong. Issued in February 2010, it was followed in May 2011 by a full lenght LP called Effigies and Epitaphs (it sounds as a King Crimson album title) that I'll post here later. It seems there was 2 cover sleeves, the more recent being the B&W one with the girl's silhouette, the brown wood the oldest. I discovered recently this man/band through the Chris Alfieri's (from Vattnet Viskar) mixtape posted on American Aftermath here. Enjoy it here. And support him there.

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You are a legend for having this!