The Reverend Of Despair - Spirit Writing (2011)

Here what the so-called Reverend of Despair (his real name is Victor Fisher and he's from a band called Shroud of Delirium) wrote on Encyclopaedia Metallum to present this album: "I have been working on this new solo project due to the absence of my band. Although plagued by mediocre production (alternate: although blessed with obscure production) I though this may interest some of you. It's doom-based eclectic madness! Heavy music has done me plenty of good. Maybe if even a single odd fellow will enjoy this effort it was well worth it.". So here is my answer. I'm among the ones to consider that this kind of production is a bless and not a plague. Moreover I not only enjoy this effort, I consider it as one of the best surprise of the year, and I listen to quite a large amount of music in doom-sludge-black metal-atmospheric post rock and other experimental delirium. But here, I litterally found in love with this unexpected mix of so much genres, styles and sounds that nobody had the idea to telescope. It's Black Sabbath meeting Roky Erickson meeting Buzzcocks meeting whatever has some sense of melody in doomland and even Nikki Sudden. And the fact that there is a real feeling of artisanal humanity that flows from it make it not only a worth but a mandatory acquisition. That'll be my last word. Do some more in the future please, we need such albums in our dull lives. Here's the bandcamp. Here the album. Moreover his favorite citation is said to be "In heaven all the interesting people are missing." from Nietzsche, and honestly, he's right. And visiting his facebook page, it seems to be politically quite rough and citing Stalin and Proudhon, not common in this country. Support.

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Concerned Citizen said...

This man is an evil cult leader!! Don't listen to or support his music. He has harmed children and animals in the past. He is a snake oil salesman who preys on insecure people to get their money. Don't fall for the trap!