417.3 - _(-_-)_ (2011)

Under this numerological name is a Russian post-math-rock band in the vein of Foxhole and a rather soporific band from Iceland I'm not authorised to say the name without fearing to see my file remove, with reminiscences of Polyphonic Spree in the background melodies but also with a doom dimension that you don't find in all the influences (real or supposed) I proposed above. If I post them it's because it's not usually my fave style to listen to (too much manierism for me) but here, I don't feel this arty posture and it's really one of the greatest record in this style I've ever listened too. And I'm sure it will be for you too. So, don't miss this duo (they are backed by various musicians but it seems these two guys are the creative nucleus of the band judging by the pictures). And buy it everywhere you can. Russia needs that we support what will make of us all the same human community, and art contributes strongly to it in making us share the same emotion. Now feel a little russian as I feel when I read Boulgakov or I listen to Shostakovitch. Their myspace here, their facebook there. Enjoy the album here (new link)

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Rudy Carrera said...

Hi there. Is there any chance of reposting "_(-_-)_" at all?