DMCA is back again

I received that " Mf has received a notification per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that the following file is claimed to be infringing material. The fil e417.3__(-_-)__(2011).rar identified by the key (be07eee5761o99e) As a result of this notice and pursuant to Section 512(c)(1)(C) of the DMCA, we have suspended access to the file. The reason for suspension was: Copyrighted media relating to 'Sigur Rós'"
What happened is that I cited Sigur Ros as an influence for the Russian band called 417.3. Muso, who engages legal actions for this band, has not read the post, but only saw Sigur Ros in the post and that was enough to imagine I proposed to freely dl a product from their music-makers. It isn't. They should verify before asking to remove the link. Here a message for them: "You can be reassure, I'll never post anything by Sigur Ros, I've never liked the soporific music played by these icelanders, it's not good enough to be provided here freely. If some want to lose their money to buy such shit, it's their problem, but get out of this blog please. I'll never ever cite the name of this band on this blog anymore. And now piss off."
If any band wants their stuff remove, they leave a comment and I do it instantly. My aim is only to enlarge their audience and that they can sell more virtual or solid supports of their music. For old stuff, the aim is explained in the introduction statement of the blog.

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